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Crew Chief


 Off Site Monitoring and Event Notifications of Equipment and Job Conditions

• Real-time dry checks and online verification.

• Check on the job, no matter where you are from smart phone or computer.

• Prioritize your site trips before technicians leave for the day.

• Easy "time-frame scan" to analyze drying progression and job details.

• Notifications that advise you of job progress, equipment failures, power disruptions, job completion, unbalanced drying systems and more.


Job Documentation is Automatically Recorded from Start to Completion Capturing all Critical Data 

• Comprehensive summary sheet in accordance to preferred documentation needs.

• Printable forms for job jackets.

• Job details automatically recorded from start to completion.

• Captures all critical data for dry checks per S500 (T, GPP, RH, MC).

• Power readings documented to verify when power was interrupted or turned off.

• Documentation performed accurately, consistently and archived for verification.


Advanced Power Management

• Amperage use is calculated for each circuit before you leave the job site, avoiding popped breakers and unnecessary return trips.

• Four GFCI reset 110V/15A circuit breakers, provide a total availability of 60A through the 110V or 220V circuit.

• Power indicator lights.


Quick and Easy Job Setup 

• Easy set up, three button clicks and job is ready.

• Place and go wireless sensor set up.

• Wireless sensors function up to 300 feet from the Crew Chief, if further distances are needed, the sensors can relay data between themselves.

• Prochem technical support team and dealer network assistance.

• Spanish or English controls.


User Friendly Web Site

• Easy 2 step website set up, enter job information and begin work.

• Crew Chief communicates with web site through wired or wireless network.

• Convenient page design for easy job verification and review.

• Quick to scan, easy to read page layouts including graphs.

• Easy set up of multiple technicians for website access.


Crew Chief and Sensors are Built for Durability

• The Crew Chief and Sensors have passed a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions, impact tests, vibration and continuous shock tests.

• Tough, impact resistant rotomolded housing protects Crew Chief for job site travel.

• Protective coated circuit boards in Crew Chief and the sensors allows a wide range of harsh atmospheric conditions.

• Protective hard case for storing sensors and moisture probes.

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