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Trident LGR Dehumidifier


Low-Grain Refrigerant (LGR) Dehumidifier

LGR dehumifier produces up to 110 pints per day AHAM for large restoration jobs.


High Power Blower 

Delivers 350 CFM which provides incremental surface airflow and additional drying.


Thermostat Controlled Defrost

Ensures maximum performance and efficiency.


Overflow Prevention Switches 

Increases the durability of dehumidifier.


Ductable Intake and Exhaust

The option to duct your intake and/or exhaust provides drying versatility.


Adjustable Dolly Handle

Provides convenient transportation, stack up to 2 Triad Air movers on top of dehumidier for faster job set up and labor efficiency.


Tough 12” Recessed Wheels

Built for durability and space maximization.


Easy to Clean

The Trident housing incorporates a smooth contour inside and outside with no edges. Cleaning is easy, minimizing labor costs.


Built in Cord Retainer

Quickly wrap the cord around the Trident housing preventing cord tangles and damage.


Well Balanced

Easy to maneuver over rough terrain and up or down stairs.


Durable Adjustable Handle

Won't break even under the hardest abuse.


Blower: 350 CFM
PPD (pints per day) at AHAM: 110
Amp Draw: 8A


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