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Prochem Peak GTX

Prochem Peak
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Single or Dual Wand Operation
2” Dual wand or 2.5” Single wand operation in the same machine.    

Solution Pressure Circuit
Creates up to 1000 PSI for carpet and hard surface cleaning.   

Stainless Steel Chemical Pump
Provides durability and eliminates corrosion issues.

Improved Heat Control
Improved heat exchange system increasing solution temperature and diverting exhaust heat away from the console to keep components cooler to extend life.  

Pulse Isolating Hose
Updated hose reduces vibrations from the pump.

Aluminum Frame
Aluminum is lighter in weight and has a superior resistance to corrosion than steel, which saves time and money in maintenance costs. 

Easier Maintenance
Redesigned blower/silencer interface resulting in easier belt adjustments. Improved access and easy to remove hoods.

Shutdown Identifiers
Diagnose cause of shutdown making it easier to correct the problem


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