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Pro-1200 Direct Drive SE

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  • Engine RPM settings are lower than the competition: Set at 1400 (high), 1200 (mid), or 1000 (low). This helps to conserve fuel and prolong van engine life and truckmount components, yet produces ample heat even in cold climates. 
  • Small footprint: Only 21" W x 41" H x 62" L – including both the console and 100-gallon sub-mount waste tank. Leaves extra room in the vehicle a fresh water tank and cleaning accessories.
  • Triple heat exchangers standard for maximum efficiency – two for the engine coolant and one for the blower exhaust providing maximum heat for continuous cleaning.
  • Superior, quieter vacuum performance with Gardner Denver’s state-of-the-art 408 HeliFlow helical vacuum blower. Produces vacuum at 13 in. Hg and flows up to 455 CFM.
  • Long service life from the General Emperor high pressure pump - features heat-treated seals.
  • Built-in pre-filter box and more accessible vacuum hose connections.
  • Clean and simple design focused on performance with durability and serviceability.

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