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Everest 650HP

Prochem Everest 650HP
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Innovative Design Features:


  • 650 CFM Triflow Blower:
    • Outstanding vacuum for water restoration, dual wand operation, and long hose runs.
  • Pre-filter Box:
    • Easy clean up between jobs without opening waste tank.
  • 12 Volt Outlet:
    • Plug in floodlight so you can keep working even if the power is out.
  • Exhaust Detector:
    • Keeps exhaust off operator and out of vehicle.
  • Auto Chemical Prime:
    • Automatically primes chemical system making set up easy.
  • Chemical Simulator
    • Simulates chemical flow without having to trigger want to easily switch between chemicals.
  • High Pressure Circuit:
    • Creates up to 3,000 PSI for pressure washing (available on Everest 650 & Everest HP only)
  • Hot Water Tap:
    • Fills up your chemical jug with hot water to improve chemical performance.
  • Dual Wand Operation:
    • True dual wand operation for large commercial jobs.
  • Shutdown Identifiers:
    • Diagnose cause of shutdown to correct the problem limiting downtime.
  • Electronic Fuel Injection:
    • Eliminates the need for a governor, improves RPM stability and automatically adjusts for altitude changes.
  • Console Light:
    • Allows easy to read control panel to be illuminated at night.


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