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The airmover that offers six different positions to help you tackle the most difficult drying challenges


The AirWolf provides an unbeatable combination of powerful CFM and strong static pressure.


Same outstanding features as the Phoenix CAM plus on-board GFCI outlet and circuit breaker.


The unique 1/3 horsepower design of the Phoenix Centrifugal Air Mover coupled with a two-speed switch allows the restoration technician to deliver the most airflow using the fewest amps.


 High velocity airflow enhances evaporation & directs air 360°


Aerodynamically designed for the highest velocity airflow at 3200 CFM – the Jet's built-in angles maximize laminar airflow along the floor.  Its focused vanes channel extra velocity in all the right places and the unit's molded design offsets from the wall for optimizing the fastest wall and floor drying.   


Force air into difficult-to-dry areas like cabinets, cupboards and walls.

Mini airmover fan

The OmniDry Mini is the most economical, powerful, energy-efficient and ETL Certified mini air mover. 


The Phoenix Axial Air Mover is the industry's only air mover specifically engineered with patent pending FOCUS™ Technology


The Sahara E features the same legendary durability and reliability as the original Sahara – still the most trusted, long-lasting carpet dryer on the market.


Intense drying.  Get up to 3500 CFM of drying power and 2.75 inches of static pressure in this compact, Sahara package.  Direct this high velocity airflow to dry problem areas fast.

 recessed 3-speed switch allows for easy and versatile setup.


This new lower amp, three-speed airmover offers everything restorers need for performance and versatility, plus legendary Dri-Eaz durability and reliability


Expand the versatility of your Sahara airmover


Dry carpets and hard surface floors with the same powerful unit.
The AirPath includes locking wheel casters to stay firmly in place when drying hard surface floors in minutes – not hours.


The Triad is the first air mover in the industry to utilize “Thrust Fan” technology. Using this technology, the Triad offers the most critical elements for best evaporation results, high static pressure, high airflow volume and high velocity.


Ideal for drying wet wall and ceiling cavities


High velocity air movement, low amp draw and amazing portability.


 Use the Vortex to ventilate, create negative pressure, or add to a complete drying system.  The Vortex can be set-up for operation by itself or with up to 125 feet of ducting – making it ideal for ventilation plus a range of drying applications including gyms, concrete pads and hallways.


Connect the WolfPack attachment to the AirWolf airmover to complete the ultimate hardwood floor drying system.