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Protimeter MMS2

  • Non-invasive moisture detection.
  • Quickly locate hidden moisture and detect moisture migration.
  • Flat-back profile ensures positive engagement with surfaces and less variability in readings.
  • Pin moisture measurement. Built-in pins to quickly assess surface moisture content of a wide variety of materials, including wood, drywall, concrete, stucco, plaster and more.
  • Infra-red surface temperature reading with laser pointer.
  • Check surface temperatures and calculate proximity of dewpoint.
  • Fast thermo-hygrometer. Includes full psychrometric calculation tools.
  • Reference Reading. Measure and save readings from unaffected materials for comparison with affected areas.
  • Data Storage Functions. When multiple environmental readings need to be collected, the MMS2 makes it easy. Record readings instantly at the push of a button. Stores up to 8000 readings! Use the provided software to upload data to your PC to produce professional reports and documentation.
  • Concrete Floor Moisture Measurement. Quickly measure equilibrium relative humidity directly in concrete slabs. Simply drill a hole in the concrete, insert a humidity sleeve, and measure!